Mock Run at Red Sky

Last night, the restaurant opened for a friends and family dinner so that the front and back of the house could work out some kinks. We fed approximately 30 people from an abbreviated menu. Since this was the first time I have cooked on a line in nearly a year and a half, I have to admit that I was a little rusty. However, I struggled through it and feel that I did an ok job.

Friends and Family menu:


Diver Scallops
leek, pear, radish, sauvignon blanc

fennel, champagne, butter, vanilla, toast

Hanger Steak
garlic, red wine, frites, jus

Vegetable Rissotto
butternut squash, marscapone


Ashley Farms Chicken
thyme, spinach, fingerling potatoes, wild mushrooms, jus

Flat Iron
“fried” risotto, broccolini, red pepper

Pork Chop
sweet potato, haricort vert, bacon, jus

papaya, jicama, yucca, plantain


Meyer Lemon Cheesecake

Coffee and Doughnuts

Tonight, we are having a set 5 course menu for the media and will open to the public on Wednesday.


~ by Schwarvin on September 30, 2008.

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