Fall Vegetable Garden

Living in coastal South Carolina allows us to have a second growing season in the fall for vegetables typically planted in the spring. This is one component of my fall gardening plan. This particular installation draws on the aboriginal American practice of agriculture. Traditionally the “three sisters” were grown together in a single planting site. Those sisters were corn, the big sister. Beans, the middle sister. Squash is the little sister. The way this system works is that corn grows tall and provides a pole for the beans to grow up. The squash provides a natural mulch that keeps the weeds at bay. The beans provide a natural source of nitrogen that aid in keeping the plot fertilized. It was from this system that the major nutritional needs were met in the early Native American Diet.

In my system, I am substituting a tripod in place of the corn. I plan on using corn in the future for this.


~ by Schwarvin on August 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Fall Vegetable Garden”

  1. Nice blog Josh. I think the last thing I read by you appeared in the West Side Story. Look forward to reading more of this in between my quest for Pynchon’s alleged greatness.

  2. That’s better. Richard indeed! Hah hah hah.

  3. i like your pee pee. i mean, tee pee…

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